Alphonse Hudson



Alphonse has amassed a sizable fortune as a black market broker, dealing in items from mundane and inert archeological finds, to more “extraordinary” and dangerous objects. If you want something rare and you want it discreetly, Alphonse can get it for you – if he doesn’t already have it. His personal collection is his pride and joy. He keeps his most prized artifacts in his private museum, flaunting them before clients, business partners, rivals, and other guests while they wait to see him in his office.

Alphonse keeps a wide network of legitimate and underground contacts, utilizing a number of proven “contractors” to carry out his jobs for him. Jacob is one of his more frequently used “procurement specialists”, sent to retrieve items in locations that areā€¦ difficult to reach. Jacob learned quickly that Alphonse is not one to be trifled with – simply branding him with a harmless nickname like Alf can earn you his ire. Therefore, even Jacob tends to walk on eggshells when dealing with him. Other than that, their interactions have been mostly cordial and professional. Jacob may not trust him, as his business always comes before anything else, but he does respect him, and the two have formed an unlikely friendship.


Alphonse Hudson

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