Repo Mage


A Good Day


With Shelly drained from the ritual to expel Laschiel and no protective wards on her, things end up getting a little interesting. She wakes early in the morning, her Hunger pushing for her to feed. Without the wards in place and with the echo of Laschiel still in the process of fading, her aura is stronger and larger than usual. She feeds while her, Mark and Jen have fun. Nine months from now, several neighbors will be having children born.

After waking a few hours later, Mark takes the time to place the wards on a still sleeping Shelly so a repeat of last night doesn’t happen. Since everyone overslept, they decide to let the kids stay home from school. Mark brings the spellbook back to Alphonse, and comes back home to relax and have a good day with the family.

Mark finds out about Antony’s crush on Sammie Dean, a fellow student and Sci-Fi Club member. The kids decide to have a sleepover, and invite JR to head over after school. They all make plans to go to a local carnival that night.

Mark and Jen talk, and she discusses closing and liquidating her shop. She wants to try and help fund Mark buying the rest of the building that his office is currently in, and growing the business. Also, she’s ready to get her hands dirty and get back to some of the fun things of the past, the last few weeks having brought back up those old instincts and feelings. She also agrees to let Mark get a motorbike for his birthday.

They go to the fair, even Cross going. There, the kids run into May and her friends. An argument breaks out, but the kids manage to walk away without a fight. Ash hides out in the bathroom for a bit, Teresa and Cross with her. Mark questions JR and Antony about things, to find out that May has really been bullying Ashley. The girls come out, and they all head off to have some fun. Cross makes several comments about ending the problem, but Mark lets her know that A) she can’t just do that to a kid, and B) Ashley has to learn to stand up for herself. He makes plans to teach her a little trick when they get home.

As they’re getting ready some time later, the kids walk up arm-in-arm. Ashley is covered in slushie, someone having accidentally tripped and spilled several on her. The kids know that May hexed someone to cause the accident, and JR and Teresa stood up for her and almost got into a fight. She calls them both her heroes.

They pass by Cross’s place so she can get some of her own clothes instead of borrowing from Ashley or Shelly, and head back home.

There, Mark brings Ashley outside to teach her counterspells and dispells. He tells her the story of how May’s mother – Denise – was the same way when they were in school. It’s a group of witches that pass down their power over the generations, each becoming the “mean girls” of the school, all but controlling it. Mark tells her how he dispelled the glamours she had on at school in front of everyone, embarrassing her when her flawless appearance vanished.

They practice, as he teaches her that an inproper dispell can actually cause either the target spell to become stronger, or cause a backlash as both spells expend all their energy wildly. It takes her a while, but she gets the hang of it, even managing to dispell a glamour Mark puts up while he actively works against her, thanks to some words of encouragement from Cross.

They go inside and watch some movies, before heading upstairs for bed.



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