So, magic is common in the world. So are the creatures that in our world go bump in the night. Or day, for that matter. Elves, goblins, trolls and more live beside humans, albeit glamoured to appear more human in order to mix in better.

Magic is the alteration of reality and possibility. Possibility is the very root of magic, and the source of its power. Some legends posit that the Big Bang was a conscious act of some primordial, divine Light. It spread itself throughout the emptiness, its very essence that of pure possibility, bringing about the Multiverse. Some spark of that original Light is the soul of most living beings, the heart of their imagination and creativity and passion. The stronger this Spark, the greater the ability of that person to tap into the possibilities within, and alter the external world.

Technology can do a lot of things magic can do, but it still provides enough of an edge that many seek it. Extraplanar beings – noticing the demand – have set up Brokerages where they “loan” – or more rarely sell – out artifacts/spells/power to those that want them. The prices vary, but the contracts almost always have the same clause in them. Stop paying, and you’ll get a visit from a Repo Mage.

All of this revolves around The Game.

The Game has been going on for all of recorded history. It is a fight for control over reality itself, and there are several levels of power at work. Pawns are those whose Spark is weak or unawakened. They are your everyday people, living mundane lives. It takes many Pawns to affect reality on a large scale, but they are still essential cogs in The Game.

Pieces are those who have power, whether they realize it or not. They are the people who seem a little beyond the normal. They are the people that change things, that get things done, that other people look up to and follow. Even a single Piece can change the flow of reality, and the course of destiny.

The highest level are Players. These are the shadowy figures who manipulate Pieces and Pawns in order to change the balance of power, and move things closer to a victory for themselves. They are attempting to rewrite reality to their own vision, and are as gods among those of lesser power.

The abilities and power of Players and Pieces will be represented by Lucky Shots. Pawns have none. Pieces will average 3-6 Lucky Shots. Players will average 6-9 Lucky Shots. Rumors are of beings or Players out there with more than 9, but most think that much power is only myth.


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