“You want me to tell you what a Goblin is in just a few words? Crazy, little, anarcho-libertarian nudist gypsy ninjas. How’s that?” – Officer Edmund Nelson, MPD

Goblins are one of the two Fae races currently living in our world. They are the flip side to elves, the other Fae race. Here’s a little common knowledge on what a goblin can be like.

Goblins are passionate. Their feelings and emotions run deep and strong, but can be somewhat mercurial. It can be trying to keep up with the changing tides of a goblin’s emotions. They tend to be mischievous, sometimes going as far as becoming troublemakers.

Goblins are tiny beings. They tend to range in height between 4 to 5 feet tall, averaging on the lower end of that span. They age similar to humans for the first few years of their life, but this begins to slow down by the time they hit age 10. For most of their adult lives (Goblins tend to live 200 to 300 years), they appear as a human on the cusp of adulthood, somewhere between 14 to 20 years old.

With their strong, innate glamour younger and adult goblins tend to appear as human tweens, although usually on the smaller side. Older and some other goblins appear more as human ‘little people’ instead. Goblins tend towards slenderness, with narrow shoulders and hips, and thin limbs.

Under their glamour, goblins exhibit the usual otherworldly attractiveness that Fae races are blessed with. Dark of hair and with eyes that typically take on an almost gemstone appearance, they typically have a pale – almost iridescent – skin. Pretty much everyone finds them sexy, even the elves (though they won’t admit it).

Goblins believe in a society of the self. Self-authority, self-reliance, self-responsibility. While they have strong feelings of community, and tend to help one another out, in the end a goblin is completely and totally responsible for their self and actions. They don’t tend to do well with authority figures, especially so soon after their enslavement at the hands of the elves.

The symbol of Goblin-hood, as it were, is the knife. It a tool that symbolizes the self-reliance of a goblin, and one is given to every goblin child when they become an adult.

While not all goblins are nudists, their lack of modesty and strong beliefs in personal privacy and freedom has led to the outside image has led to this idea. This has roots in the fact that the belief of physical modesty isn’t really something goblins understand easily. While not all goblins will practice nudism outside of their household (where their strong beliefs in individual privacy are unassailable), some will. In a goblin enclave this isn’t a problem, again as they practice strong beliefs in respecting their fellow’s privacy.

Goblins are a people recently freed from enslavement at the hands of elves, and forced from their lands. Always a naturally curious and wandering people, they have no homeland other than what they make or bring with them. The sanctity of a goblin enclave is absolute, and goblins will fiercely protect any threats against their community.

The rather negative cliches that humans give the term Gypsy also apply to Goblins. The sometimes mobile nature of their communities, the strong Us-vs-Them attitudes, and the seemingly hypocritical nature of their lack of respect of non-Goblin’s property/privacy rights all contribute to this.

Goblins are adept at stealth, acrobatics, dexterity, and assassination. They are more delicate than most other species, and as such they don’t tend to agree with having a straight fight. Their innate glamour is strong, and when consciously used, can make them so unnoticeable to be virtually invisible. They live up to many of the mythic and Hollywood cliches of the typical ninja.


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