“Elves? Snobby, arrogant, Communist-Vulcan-Samurai. But damn are they sexy.” – Michele “Shelly” D’arCourt, Waitress

Elves are one of the two Fae races currently living in our world. They are the flip side to goblins, the other Fae race. Here’s a little common knowledge on what an elf can be like.

Snobby and Arrogant
Elves have a superiority complex. It’s a common belief among elves that they know better than the shorter-lived, less patient and less thoughtful species. This has led to a number of wars that the Elvish nations have waged upon other species, all in the name of knowing better what was good for those peoples than they knew themselves. The standard accent for elvish is condescension.

Elves believe in a society of the all. Children are raised by the community in crèches, not by individual parents. Everything is done for and determined by the community. They are trained from birth for the job they are meant to do, which is all determined by the elders.

Elves are born with a mystic talent. These talents can take many shapes and forms, usually a skill of some sort. This is often taken into account for the place that the elf in question will be prepared for, but in some situations it will not, usually ending up relegated to a hobby.

As the birth rate of elves is so small and heavily regulated (due to their lifespans, is it believed that an elf can live up to 800 to 900 years) and because of their natural abhorrence to violence (at least against elves), there is no death penalty in elvish society. The worst sentence to be passed on a criminal is exile, complete and total banishment from the community and society that is all. It is a very rare punishment.

On top of the natural superiority complex that also calls this to mind, elves are very, very closed off beings. Living as long as they do, it is very important to maintain a balance of emotions and logic to keep oneself sane through the centuries.

Elves seem almost emotionless in their demeanor, keeping everything internal and locked away. Where the fictional Vulcans wear a mask of expressionlessness, elves typically wear a literal mask when away from their community and among other races. These typically leather masks bring to mind Venetian masks used in the far past, and are often enchanted with a glamour to pass mundane notice.

Elves have strong codes of honor and behavior that they all follow, strictly. While the majority of elves are devout pacifists, the warrior caste is the one that most non-elves will deal with. This leads to the outside belief that most elves are similar to the tropes of the samurai, just like goblins are likened to ninjas.

Pacifism is a core tenant of the elvish nation, and their belief structure. Most of their armies are comprised of slave races due to this. The warrior caste are ridiculously trained in violence and combat, and as such are considered ‘untouchable’ and outside the community as a whole.

Elves tend to range at the upper range of average human height. They are athletically built. They age similar to humans for the first few years of their life, but this begins to slow down by the time they hit age 15. For most of their adult lives, they appear as a human in their prime, somewhere between 18 to 28 years old.

Their innate glamour makes them appear as attractive, fit human adults. Their skin is usually dark, their hair colors tend to metallic or earth tones. Their eyes tend to similar shades as their hair. They are incredibly attractive, and pretty much everyone finds them sexy, even goblins (though they won’t admit it).


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