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The Campaign Begins!


New Avalon is rocked as a military style assault unfolds on Raven’s Gate Bridge. Veronica Kane is kidnapped, her sister Bianca left behind along with their wounded bodyguard Fetch Wilson.

Metro homicide detective Harry Breaux is approached by Kane Industries Head of Security Gideon Masters for help in retrieving Veronica. Madison – currently running for mayor – isn’t sure that corrupt police involvement isn’t an issue, and in her research knows that Harry is a good cop, and through his daughter Teresa has ties with Veronica.

With Gideon’s help, Harry puts together a team to try and find Veronica consisting of: Ian X. Loomis – black magician and current insane asylum resident, Seth the psychic bounty hunter, Xander the formerly retired assassin, and Jacob Hawking the telekinetic thief. While investigating the crime scene, they meet up with Harry’s friend Dylan Foster – ex-military and current photo-journalist. It appears as though the kidnappers were members of the Cult of Hexxus, a hidden subgroup of The Church of the Benevolent Orchid.

While chasing down different leads, part of the team encounters a second team of individuals who appear to be looking for Veronica as well: Moreau the sociopathic werewolf hitman, Doom the Ogre muscle, and Rasmussin the mercenary warlock. Harry and Moreau get in each other’s faces, and a rivalry is started. It appears as though they are looking for Veronica on behalf of Laithe Delacroix, big bad of the city.

Loomis summons an incubus to try and aid them in tracking down Veronica, who is being hidden from tracking spells. The incubus is unable to track her down, but manages to weaken the blocking spells so that they’ll fail on their own. Through Jacob’s contact Murphy, they receive information that a shipment of military weapons was sold to the Church of the Benevolent Orchid by Tony Lao in Chinatown. Looking through some of their other information, it appears as though Charlie Gardner – head and public face of the Church – was at the scene of the crime.

Through various means, they eventually track down the possible location for Veronica to Barker Pier. On route, Harry hears over the police band a call for police barricades for code 32B. He doesn’t know the code, but realizes they’re blocking routes into and out of The Tangle, which one must go through to reach Barker Pier. Harry recognizes at least some of the cops on the radio calls, and knows that they are corrupt.

They make their way off-road and through other paths to avoid the checkpoints and get through The Tangle. They arrive at the warehouses they think are the current location of Veronica, and find a war-zone. They can hear a lot of small arms fire, minor explosions, etc.

They split up to investigate. They eventually realize that Moreau and his team are here and are currently engaged in combat with cultists. Harry cuts the tires of their vehicles, also stealing a grenade launcher and SMG from one of the SUVs. Loomis takes over some of the spirit hounds that Rasmussin has summoned. Xander witnesses Doom going on a rampage through one of the buildings, and thinks he might be a little out of his depth.

Seth and Jacob take different paths into the same building. Seth finds a stockpile of arcane notes and tomes, and pauses to collect them all before he makes his way through the building. On the other side of the building, Jacob finds a large room filled with garbage, blood, trash and occult symbols. A large empty cage hangs in the center of the room. A crate had been pulled over though the filth and garbage to be used as a step stool to reach the cage, a small footprint on it.

Unknown by the group, Bianca also hired an agent to try and find her sister. Going through other channels, she approached Cross, a goblin retrieval expert, to rescue Veronica. Using the goblin network, Cross had barely beat Moreau and his team here, and had already snuck Veronica out.

Knowing they were at least on foot, the team disengages and moves through The Tangle in the direction that they think the girls went. Seth is using his psychometric abilities to try and track them, though a supernatural storm has blown in and is interfering with his powers. They manage to find a warehouse where his abilities show them entering, then disappearing. They do manage to find a small leather satchel that contains their clothes and other items, which Jacob takes with him.

They continue moving through The Tangle, staying ahead of the cultists and Moreau’s team. They find an formerly abandoned office tower, and Dylan recognizes the warning graffiti nearby. This is Frankie’s tower. He is an ancient vampire, and this area is considered his kingdom, a haven of freedom from the other powers of the city, and where the outcasts and downtrodden hide.

They enter the tower, and Frankie – trying to forestall any troubles and maintain neutrality, hand over the two girls. Both are nude and covered with goblin mud armor, which is what is mystically blocking Seth and everyone else’s tracking powers. Cross orders the tallest of the group to hand over his jacket, which she gives to Veronica who is hiding behind her. While the jacket protects her modesty, it breaks the hiding aspect of the armor.

They rush out of the building and try to get ahead of the oncoming enemies. On seeing Jacob with her bag, Cross yells at him. She left it behind so Moreau couldn’t track their scent. Jacob telekinetically tosses it up and through a window in the tower.

They come up with the plan to use one of the radio masts on one of the nearby towers to get a signal out to Gideon. They split up, a small group setting up in an abandoned gas station to provide cover and the others heading up to the top of the tower.

There is a three way fight, and one that looks like it will end badly. In an attempt to summon a demon to help fight, Loomis accidentally summons Shelly instead due to the high amount of mystic interference and power in the air. She ends up squaring off against Doom, quickly adapting to the fact that she’s now in a fight and not at work. In the end they get the call out. A helicopter shows up, and gets Veronica out of there. The rest of them fight their way out, back to vehicles, and eventually out of The Tangle. Their mission was a success.



Madison invites the group to Lover’s Walk for their payment and to thank them. They all arrive, and are treated to a lavish dinner. Cross crashes the dinner, and Madison pointedly ignores her. Madison gives the group (minus Cross) a payday, and offers them patronage and future business. Veronica is there and personally thanks them all as well.

A Job for the Bag


Cross breaks into Jacob’s house, startling him when he comes down for breakfast. Frankie won’t give her bag back without her doing a favor for him, and she figures Jacob owes her since it’s his fault the bag ended up in Frankie’s hands. They gather up Dylan, Harry and Xander, and head to The Tangle to find out what Frankie wants.

It turns out that one of Frankie’s newest refugees is Mel, an elf mummy. She was a dancer at The Silky Kitty. The manager of the club – Morris ‘Ox’ Oxford – had taken an extra special interest in her. She tried escaping him and the club, and couldn’t. She ended up killing herself as a bid to find freedom from him, but as he is a necromancer, it didn’t work. He used a tome of power entrusted to him by his boss, Laithe Delacroix, to raise her as a mummy.

With her newfound powers, she finally managed to escape. Ox had gotten some corrupt police involved in the search for her, and Frankie could ill afford to clash with mortal authorities. He wanted the group to stop the police investigation, in whatever manner they wanted, and in return he’d give Cross her bag.

They split up, each with a task to help with the coming job. Xander stakes out the club, Harry stalls the police investigation, Cross finds a way to get in by working there as a hostess, and the others investigating various leads.

Plans and Shenanigans


The group plan to meet at Nighthawks Diner and plan.

Before that, Seth – who has been brought in on the job – follows Detective Carver. Carver is the sleezebag corrupt cop that Ox has brought in, and is heading the investigation into Mel’s whereabouts.

Seth follows his Porsche from his lavish Uptown apartment to a coffee house, then from there into The Tangle. He stops at a derelict apartment complex at 1131 Ulysses Drive, which happens to be the area’s Goblin Market. He pulls out some whiskey from the trunk of his car, and heads inside.

On the way out to the meeting, Xander is warned by Mister Mors that a pitiful group of wannabe assassins are waiting for him, hoping to cash in on the big bounty on his head levied by Laithe and his lieutenant Gerec. They try to follow him, but with his driving abilities he literally forces them to lose him, and ends up tailing them. Realizing they are no threat, he gets their license plate number and leaves them wandering through the city looking for him, and heads to Nighthawks.

There, they go over their combined info, and start to talk about going to the Goblin Market to meet Faith, the Goblin Queen. They also need to try and recover Xander’s membership card allowing him entrance at The Silky Kitty, which is at his home – currently watched by numerous hit squads waiting for him to return to it. Cross mentions she has an errand to run as well, and heads into the bathroom to change clothes.

They split up again. Jacob and Xander head to Xander’s to get the membership card. Cross, Harry and Seth bring Cross out for her errand, and will afterwards head to the Goblin Market. Her errand is at Madison’s mansion, and since Xander’s house is also in the same area, they all head out together.

Xander and Jacob change out his car for a less recognizable van. Passing his house, it’s clear that it’s being stalked by multiple hit squads. Jacob bails out, and sneaks his way to the house. Once there he easily enters, avoiding the hit squad currently hanging out in the house waiting for Xander. Using all of his skills as a telekinetic thief, he manages to get upstairs, retrieves the membership card and gets out with no one being the wiser.

Cross’s errand is to sneak in and drop off the money that Bianca had given her to find and rescue Veronica. Smitten with the young girl, Cross decided she couldn’t keep her sister’s money. She used some of it to buy some new clothes, and the rest is in the nylon bag she was lugging around. She also had to drop off Veronica’s clothes, which had been left in her bag when they used her goblin mud armor to help them escape. She had had them cleaned, and they were in the bag too. After dropping them off, she took the time to flirt with Veronica some, and realized she needed to get a phone so that they could stay in touch.

Further up the hills, Seth and Harry wait while Cross sneaks out into Madison’s mansion with the large nylon bag. While they wait, local security pass by to check on them, resulting in an embarrassing situation as Seth tries to make it look like they were ‘parking.’ Cross shows back up as the security leave, and in awkward silence they drive to the Goblin Market.

Seth uses his abilities to follow Carver’s echo, and learns that he met with Mouth to try and get the goblin network to pass along information about Mel and where she can be found. Faith shows up, and it’s clear that her and Cross know each other well. They make a deal with Faith for the goblins to pass along false information to Carver when the time is right, in exchange for a large favor to Faith.

Plans and Shenanigans continued...


Continuing from last night, the group maintains their preparations. They plan on framing Carver for stealing the book Laithe left in Ox’s care, hopefully removing both Carver and Ox from the board.

Xander and Seth head to Legal Tender, and meet with Almira the witch. She sells them two glamours, strong enough to even beat forensic investigation. They should be able to enter under glamour to support the operation from within. Cross will already be inside, having taken a job as hostess there. She will arrange to help Jacob break in and steal the book. Dylan and Harry will provide overwatch from outside, having gathered equipment and help to hack the camera system.



The group is back at Nighthawks. Loomis is still missing, which leaves a hole in their plan as they were hoping for some mystical backup. Seth is also missing, out on a job.

While they plan around their personnel problems, the door opens and Mark Dreven walks in. He is Harry’s old partner and friend, the ex-cop turned private eye who is also a mage of considerable skill. He’s come to them for help.

He was working a job for Madison. There was a package she needed retrieved from thieves – a wooden box with unknown contents. He found the box at a guarded warehouse, but there were too many obstacles for him to get it out by himself. It’s being transported out tonight. The warehouse belongs to Laithe Delacroix, and it’s his men guarding it. Harry intercepts another 32B radio call, asking for transport to the warehouse for pickup.

They split up their tasks. Dylan provides overwatch with a sniper rifle. Jacob and Cross plan on infiltrating and retrieving the box. Xander starts taking out the sentries and providing close backup, while Harry and Mark provide Plan B and tactical assistance.

They’re all on comms provided by Xander, picked up for use on the Silky Kitty Job.

A gunfight ensues, and gets even more hectic when a band of assassins here to kill Xander show up, led by the goblin assassin Pale.

She has a brief scuffle with Xander, but he clearly outmatches her, and she fades into the night. The box is retrieved, and they manage to escape before the cops get there thanks to a diversion of Xander’s combat driving.

At Nighthawks, Mark confirms the box is what he was contracted to get. Jacob shocks everyone by saying that he had seen the box before, for it was him who stole it from Madison for Laithe. It was his previous job before Veronica’s kidnapping. He was approached by a cutout to break into one of Madison’s buildings, leave behind a tech device of unknown abilities, and steal this one box out of a high security vault. After the job he chanced into seeing the Mr. Johnson again, and followed him to a meeting with Laithe, and realized he was the origin of the contract.

After a lot of consideration, they open the box. Inside is a circular sheet of naturally formed, dirty glass. Mark attempts to view it with his wizard sight, and is knocked unconscious from whatever he sees. Harry takes samples of the dirt and glass, they take pictures of it, and go to return it to Madison.

After meeting with Madison and returning it, Jacob decides to come clean about his involvement. Madison is naturally pissed, but gamely listens to the group and to Jacob as he tells her his story. Cross secretly texts Veronica to come in and help Jacob out, which she does just by coming in and thanking all of them again for everything they did for her, etc.

Madison forgives him, and asks them to work for her in finding out who set up the entire thing. She believes that it’s Laithe, and hints at several things between them.

They leave, and Cross bails out of the car before they get too far in order to sneak back and be with Veronica.

Back at Nighthawks, before they collect their various vehicles and leave, Mark explains to them about The Game. How there are Players, Pieces and Pawns in descending order of power. How Laithe is a Player, and Madison is positioning herself to become one, and how as people who influence things, they are all Pieces. He explains that they are safe from direct intervention by Laithe because they are either owed favors by Madison, or because they are working for her and thus under her protection by the rules of The Game.

The Silky Kitty Job


Today is the day of the Silky Kitty Job.

Xander wakes up at the Elysium. Heading downstairs to get breakfast he runs into Pale, who is also staying here. She explains that the hit is nothing personal, she needs the payday of taking him out. She takes the last croissant out from under him, and finally says that maybe she’ll honor a truce and drop the hit, if he agrees to help her.

They all meet up, and while Seth is not there, Loomis shows back up. His explaination for being missing so long? “I was dead.”

Harry had talked to a contact of his, Trey Hawkins, and pulled him in to help run hacking and electronic overwatch with Dylan for the job. They go to the club early in a van marked up to look like a city utility vehicle, and using utility uniforms get close enough to the building to place the equipment that will help them run the job. Harry uses a Stingfish to intercept the club’s calls out and backstop Dylan’s and Trey’s cover.

Mark borrows some artifacts from his wife Jen’s shop that might help, and also picks up a few sacrificial chickens to prepare rituals that may be needed.

Cross is already inside, having gone to work for the night. While riding up the elevator to the employee floor, she jumps up and bumps the camera off alignment to give a small dead spot.

Xander and Loomis use the glamour eggs that were purchased from Almira, and take on their new forms. The hope is that the glamour won’t effect the membership card that Xander has, and since there is no identfying names or numbers on it, that the card itself (which only shows a silver membership stripe when he holds it) will still work and no questions will be asked for them to get in.

Jacob strips in the van, leaving on only a loincloth to give him a modicum of modesty. He uses the goblin mud armor that Cross left with him, the entire time hoping that she isn’t playing him for a fool and that it will work.

Xander and Loomis make it through the door without any problems with their glamours or the membership card, and are met by their hostess, Cross. They’re a little taken aback by her ‘uniform’: a tuxedo bowtie, sheer black fishnets and black high heels. She brings them to a table on the first floor, the silver membership area. Above them is the gold level, where all the non-mundane stuff goes on.

Jacob makes his way to the roof of the building, with Mark providing a bit of magical assistance and overwatch. The goblin mud armor does the job, and Jacob is in position, ready to break into the elevator.

Cross makes her way back to Xander and Loomis’s table. She informs them that both Charlie Gardner and Gerec are here. The plan starts to rapidly change, as Xander informs the group that he’s going after Gerec.

Harry starts moving through the vehicles outside, his plan to place a tracker on Charlie Gardner’s limo. Jacob breaks in and meets up with Cross at the elevator, and she trips it to bring it down to the lowest level for him. Mark knocks out one of the busboys smoking on the back dock, hides his body and changes into his uniform before glamouring himself to look like him. He heads inside to help run interference and take the place of Xander. Xander and Loomis are heading upstairs, as Gerec is in the security office on the gold level with the club’s head of security, Ellis.

They are stopped by the security at the top of the stairs for the gold level, but before Xander can make a move to bypass the zombified guard (his plan being to shoot his way to the office), Loomis pulls out a gold membership card and waves it at guard, who lets them pass. Loomis used to run with one of the nastier crowds here, and was a frequent visitor. They walk to the other end of the floor, and Xander kicks in the office door and starts shooting Gerec. The bullets tear through the space where he was sitting, as his body turns into a dark shadowy mist that reforms standing a foot away from his now empty chair.

The club starts to panic at the sound of the gunshots. While Gerec and Xander fight, Loomis calmly crosses over and sits in the now empty chair in front of Ellis, dropping his glamour and starting a conversation – and sharing a drink – with him. Harry barely makes it past the multiple guards who prepare for Gardner’s exit from the club, and gets the tracker placed on the limo. In the basement inside, Mark takes on Ox while Jacob sneaks past and works his way past the undead guardians that make up the security system for the book. Cross leaps and climbs up to the second floor from the bottom, and starts to fight with some of the zombie guards making their way to Xander and Loomis.

Xander’s fight with Gerec is taking a turn for the worse, as he is unable to hurt the other man due to his shadow magic. Loomis can’t break Ellis’s contract to the club, but he can do the next best thing. He works up a powerful spell, and weakens the contract enough to slip Ellis out from under it, summoning another random demon to take his place. As soon as Myrtle is in his place, freeing Ellis, he teleports everyone out of the club in payment. Everyone except for Jacob, because the goblin mud armor is doing too good a job, and Ellis wasn’t even aware that he was there.

Jacob makes his way out of the club by himself, and meets up with the rest of the group. It wasn’t pretty, but this part of the job was done.



Through the last week, the group has put their plan in action to frame Carver and Ox for the mishaps at The Silky Kitty. With some of Dylan and Trey’s video magic, most of the footage was erased and what was left helps point the way to everything being an inside job.

They have been laying low, as the police response to the club shooting on top of the kidnapping of Veronica and other shootouts lately have led to the creation of a Violence Task Force to get to the bottom of it. They’ve been using their time to research the glass from Madison’s box, and to look into Gerec and his powers. Harry ties Gerec into a long running case of his, the “Shadow Man” that has plagued him for the past seven years. Things between Veronica and Cross have cooled somewhat, as Veronica is unsure about how she feels or how she can progress with things with Cross considering their differences, her mother, etc.

Xander finds that his car is stolen, a note left by Pale indicating that she has it. He borrows a car from the Elysium to replace it for now.

They meet at Nighthawks, and plan to go to Madison with some of the stuff they’ve found out since the Silky Kitty Job. Before they can get there, they are ambushed. A garbage truck slams into Dylan’s car. Moreau, Doom, Rasmussin and a group of assassins move in to attack.

Xander mentions to the others in his car, “There are probably complimentary handguns in the glove box,” and indeed there are.

The fight gets vicious, with Cross attempting to take on Doom by herself. She wounds him badly with her goblin daggers, but he hits her with a improvised metal club hard enough to fling her into Dylan’s car, through the door and partially through the rear seat. Mark and Rasmussin tangle, with Mark trying to gain control over Rasmussin’s spectral Hounds. He eventually forces Rasmussin to lose control over them, and they chase him away. The remainder of the group manage to force the other attackers to run, and police are heard to be responding.

They decide to leave, Dylan staying behind with his wrecked car and Cross, who is injured too badly to be moved. Police show up and arrest Dylan, and medical units arrive for Cross. They call Gideon on the way to Madison’s, and ask for him to send some help for Dylan. He agrees and sends the lawyers to get him out, and bring him to meet the others at Madison’s.

The rest of the group get to Madison, and give her the info that they gathered. Harry brings up his “Shadow Man” case, and passes a list of the children abducted in the case to Zara – Madison’s assistant – for her to research. They talk to Gideon and realize that Gerec tried to enter the mansion about two weeks before Veronica was kidnapped.

On the way out, they mention something about checking on Cross in front of Veronica. She gets worried and tries to get more information, giving Harry a copy of “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” to pass along to Cross. When she finds out Cross was injured and probably needed to be cut out of the car, she makes Harry promise to call her and tell her how she is doing. She’s scared that their last conversation – which went poorly – might really be their last conversation.

They pass by the hospital, and meet with Ivy Nelson. She’s an old friend of Mark’s, Shelly’s sister, and married to Edmund Nelson Sr. – Mark’s best friend and one of Harry’s fellow police officers. She sneaks them upstairs to see Cross, letting them know that she was in a few hours of surgery and that she’s in guarded condition. There are not only police guarding her, but government agents are here from some organization looking into her. Ivy sneaks Xander – dressed as a nurse – into Cross’s room. Harry goes to the security office and flashes his badge, saying that he needed to see some of the security footage for a case. Inside the security office is Agent Tandy Moore. Harry talks with her for a moment, and gets a card from her in case he needs to speak to her again.

Xander – in a moment of levity – leaves a note for the unconscious Cross wishing her a speedy recovery with X’s and O’s and signed by Jacob. Leaving her room, he and Ivy run into Agent Roman Stonewall waiting in the adjoining waiting area. He questions them before eventually letting them leave.

Saving Cross


They leave and head to Nighthawks to decompress for a moment. Waiting for Xander is Pale, with his car. She offers to give him back the car and drop the hit on him, if he agrees to go to Tony Lao and get him to help smuggle in the rest of her family. He agrees, and they seal the deal with a kiss.

Also waiting there is Loomis, who listens to their tales of daring-do as they try to drink their pains down. By 3 AM they are ready to leave, but in the parking lot Harry gets a call. It’s Faith, and she’s calling in her favor. Her goblin sneaks know that a hit squad is on the way to the hospital to kill Cross, who still doesn’t have all the same protections as the rest of the group, as she doesn’t officially work for Madison.

The group rushes to the hospital. Once there, they split up. Dylan, Jacob and Xander sneak around to the back ambulance loading area, and find Moreau waiting for them there. Harry, Loomis and Mark made their way to the front entrance, only to be intercepted by Doom. Loomis could tell that there was a necromancer in hospital, and Rasmussin and his spectral Hounds were there as well.

Xander engages Moreau with gunfire, and barely avoids grenades that Moreau is using as well. Jacob sneaks past and into the hospital, trying to make his way up to Cross’s room. Dylan starts looking for a vehicle to use as a weapon versus Moreau, and possibly escape route.

In the front, Loomis attempts to take over Rasmussin’s Hounds again, with the warlock in question no where to be seen. Mark and Harry attempt to fight Doom, which is proving to be a bad idea. Harry tries to take cover behind an ambulance, and Doom charges it, slamming into it and almost crushing Harry underneath it. Doom kicks Harry into the next parking lot, and out of the fight. Mark and Doom tangle next, and while Mark’s spell works to knock out Doom, the explosion also flings him into air and into unconsciousness.

Moreau has changed into his demon werewolf form, and launches himself at Xander, who is down to Cross’s goblin daggers. They each tear into each other badly. Shot, sliced up, and thrown into a car, Xander is out of the fight. Before Moreau can do any more damage to him, he is slammed into by Dylan in his hot-wired car.

Jacob has made it past the ghostly minions of Ox, who has made it to Cross’s room and is about to shoot her with a handgun. He turns it on Jacob, who blocks the incoming rounds with his telekinetic powers before turning them against Ox. He hits him harder than he meant to, and throws him through the window into the parking lot below. He later finds out that this killed Ox.

Jacob manages to get Cross out of the hospital, and they get her to her home, where Faith has someone waiting to take care of her. The rest of the group get Ivy to patch them up, except Xander who goes back to the Elysium. He gets their doctor and Pale to help stitch him up.


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