Repo Mage

A Job for the Bag


Cross breaks into Jacob’s house, startling him when he comes down for breakfast. Frankie won’t give her bag back without her doing a favor for him, and she figures Jacob owes her since it’s his fault the bag ended up in Frankie’s hands. They gather up Dylan, Harry and Xander, and head to The Tangle to find out what Frankie wants.

It turns out that one of Frankie’s newest refugees is Mel, an elf mummy. She was a dancer at The Silky Kitty. The manager of the club – Morris ‘Ox’ Oxford – had taken an extra special interest in her. She tried escaping him and the club, and couldn’t. She ended up killing herself as a bid to find freedom from him, but as he is a necromancer, it didn’t work. He used a tome of power entrusted to him by his boss, Laithe Delacroix, to raise her as a mummy.

With her newfound powers, she finally managed to escape. Ox had gotten some corrupt police involved in the search for her, and Frankie could ill afford to clash with mortal authorities. He wanted the group to stop the police investigation, in whatever manner they wanted, and in return he’d give Cross her bag.

They split up, each with a task to help with the coming job. Xander stakes out the club, Harry stalls the police investigation, Cross finds a way to get in by working there as a hostess, and the others investigating various leads.



Madison invites the group to Lover’s Walk for their payment and to thank them. They all arrive, and are treated to a lavish dinner. Cross crashes the dinner, and Madison pointedly ignores her. Madison gives the group (minus Cross) a payday, and offers them patronage and future business. Veronica is there and personally thanks them all as well.

The Campaign Begins!


New Avalon is rocked as a military style assault unfolds on Raven’s Gate Bridge. Veronica Kane is kidnapped, her sister Bianca left behind along with their wounded bodyguard Fetch Wilson.

Metro homicide detective Harry Breaux is approached by Kane Industries Head of Security Gideon Masters for help in retrieving Veronica. Madison – currently running for mayor – isn’t sure that corrupt police involvement isn’t an issue, and in her research knows that Harry is a good cop, and through his daughter Teresa has ties with Veronica.

With Gideon’s help, Harry puts together a team to try and find Veronica consisting of: Ian X. Loomis – black magician and current insane asylum resident, Seth the psychic bounty hunter, Xander the formerly retired assassin, and Jacob Hawking the telekinetic thief. While investigating the crime scene, they meet up with Harry’s friend Dylan Foster – ex-military and current photo-journalist. It appears as though the kidnappers were members of the Cult of Hexxus, a hidden subgroup of The Church of the Benevolent Orchid.

While chasing down different leads, part of the team encounters a second team of individuals who appear to be looking for Veronica as well: Moreau the sociopathic werewolf hitman, Doom the Ogre muscle, and Rasmussin the mercenary warlock. Harry and Moreau get in each other’s faces, and a rivalry is started. It appears as though they are looking for Veronica on behalf of Laithe Delacroix, big bad of the city.

Loomis summons an incubus to try and aid them in tracking down Veronica, who is being hidden from tracking spells. The incubus is unable to track her down, but manages to weaken the blocking spells so that they’ll fail on their own. Through Jacob’s contact Murphy, they receive information that a shipment of military weapons was sold to the Church of the Benevolent Orchid by Tony Lao in Chinatown. Looking through some of their other information, it appears as though Charlie Gardner – head and public face of the Church – was at the scene of the crime.

Through various means, they eventually track down the possible location for Veronica to Barker Pier. On route, Harry hears over the police band a call for police barricades for code 32B. He doesn’t know the code, but realizes they’re blocking routes into and out of The Tangle, which one must go through to reach Barker Pier. Harry recognizes at least some of the cops on the radio calls, and knows that they are corrupt.

They make their way off-road and through other paths to avoid the checkpoints and get through The Tangle. They arrive at the warehouses they think are the current location of Veronica, and find a war-zone. They can hear a lot of small arms fire, minor explosions, etc.

They split up to investigate. They eventually realize that Moreau and his team are here and are currently engaged in combat with cultists. Harry cuts the tires of their vehicles, also stealing a grenade launcher and SMG from one of the SUVs. Loomis takes over some of the spirit hounds that Rasmussin has summoned. Xander witnesses Doom going on a rampage through one of the buildings, and thinks he might be a little out of his depth.

Seth and Jacob take different paths into the same building. Seth finds a stockpile of arcane notes and tomes, and pauses to collect them all before he makes his way through the building. On the other side of the building, Jacob finds a large room filled with garbage, blood, trash and occult symbols. A large empty cage hangs in the center of the room. A crate had been pulled over though the filth and garbage to be used as a step stool to reach the cage, a small footprint on it.

Unknown by the group, Bianca also hired an agent to try and find her sister. Going through other channels, she approached Cross, a goblin retrieval expert, to rescue Veronica. Using the goblin network, Cross had barely beat Moreau and his team here, and had already snuck Veronica out.

Knowing they were at least on foot, the team disengages and moves through The Tangle in the direction that they think the girls went. Seth is using his psychometric abilities to try and track them, though a supernatural storm has blown in and is interfering with his powers. They manage to find a warehouse where his abilities show them entering, then disappearing. They do manage to find a small leather satchel that contains their clothes and other items, which Jacob takes with him.

They continue moving through The Tangle, staying ahead of the cultists and Moreau’s team. They find an formerly abandoned office tower, and Dylan recognizes the warning graffiti nearby. This is Frankie’s tower. He is an ancient vampire, and this area is considered his kingdom, a haven of freedom from the other powers of the city, and where the outcasts and downtrodden hide.

They enter the tower, and Frankie – trying to forestall any troubles and maintain neutrality, hand over the two girls. Both are nude and covered with goblin mud armor, which is what is mystically blocking Seth and everyone else’s tracking powers. Cross orders the tallest of the group to hand over his jacket, which she gives to Veronica who is hiding behind her. While the jacket protects her modesty, it breaks the hiding aspect of the armor.

They rush out of the building and try to get ahead of the oncoming enemies. On seeing Jacob with her bag, Cross yells at him. She left it behind so Moreau couldn’t track their scent. Jacob telekinetically tosses it up and through a window in the tower.

They come up with the plan to use one of the radio masts on one of the nearby towers to get a signal out to Gideon. They split up, a small group setting up in an abandoned gas station to provide cover and the others heading up to the top of the tower.

There is a three way fight, and one that looks like it will end badly. In an attempt to summon a demon to help fight, Loomis accidentally summons Shelly instead due to the high amount of mystic interference and power in the air. She ends up squaring off against Doom, quickly adapting to the fact that she’s now in a fight and not at work. In the end they get the call out. A helicopter shows up, and gets Veronica out of there. The rest of them fight their way out, back to vehicles, and eventually out of The Tangle. Their mission was a success.

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