Magic Shop Owner


Owner of the Gris Gris Bag magic shop, Hakeem ‘Poochie’ Eshu is known to most of the magic using community. His shop is the first stop on many magic users grocery shopping list, but finding “illegal” or particular exotic goods is not his style. He keeps stocks of ingredients ranging from useless crap for weekend witches to the “real” stuff in the back for your basic spell casting needs. His book supplies range from novelty to not too dangerous. Poochie is a personable and a helpful sort of guy willing to answer questions as long as he doesn’t think it will get you killed. Don’t underestimate the shop owner, he is a practiced user in the arts and has in the past had to teach this to some dumb criminals that thought it would be easy to rob a “magic” shop. They were wrong and they will have to live with the rashes the rest of there lives. Poochie is one the of the primary contacts of Harry Breaux when it come to magic and the supernatural, serving as a starting point of information out of Harry’s knowledge base.

Played by Hakeem Kae-Kazim


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