Repo Mage




Jacob wakes up alone in Zara’s bed. He is nursing one hell of a headache, but is otherwise OK. He looks around and see’s Zara sitting at the table, papers and research material spread everywhere. She’s been going through both her files and Madison’s, trying to find anything that will help. She’s got lists of artifacts, books, ritual locations, encrypted files on various people in the city, etc. She wants to bring it to Mark to have him go over it, and also hoping it can server as a peace offering, as she knows he doesn’t trust her. Jacob agrees, and they plan to do that.

At Mark’s, he wakes up to find Jen getting ready to make breakfast for the gang. He talks with her about a decision he made the night before, that he wants to start training Ashley since she was using her magic at the dance. He also thinks that Antony could use something to help him with his confidence along with giving him an edge to keep him safe, namely that Jen might want to start teaching him martial arts. He also mentions that they could ask Cross for some help with that as well, both for added getting him out of his comfort zone. Jen agrees with him with him on all of it. (Ashley becomes a Sidekick)

With breakfast cooked, the kids wake up and join them. A knock at the door interrupts, them, and Mark answers it to find Jacob and Zara. He refuses to let them in, until Jen walks up and invites them in. In the kitchen, Teresa makes fun of Jacob, calling him Ben. Jacob snatches some bacon on the way out to the home office Mark brings them to. Door closed, they start to discuss all the files Zara brought him.

Ashley and Teresa bring Jacob and Zara plates and coffee before leaving. Jen joins them, and later Cross also joins them. While discussing the files, Veronica texts Cross, asking her to come over for Halloween – invited by Madison. Everyone is kind of shocked over that, and how Madison reacted last night. Cross leaves to go get ready and head over there.

One of the main things they discuss is the materials receipts that make it look like Madison had a major ritual circle created somewhere. Where and what for is unknown, but it’s something they want to find.

Jacob and Zara leave, with the plan that later tonight during the Halloween festivities they’ll sneak into some of Madison’s files on the Church and Cult. They head to Jacob’s to get his car, and spend some time alone ‘resting’ before they have to leave.

JR and Teresa leave to go get ready for tonight, where they’ll be back at Mark and Jen’s to give out candy and have fun. Jen takes Antony to go get some equipment and talk to him about training. Mark talks to Ashley about training her, and the two leave to go out to the park to do exactly that.

Jacob and Zara wake up and head over to Madison’s. She gives him a brief tour while they wait for everyone to be occupied. They see Cross and Veronica and wave to them. Eventually, they sneak their way into one of Madison’s office, and Zara starts going through files. They’re not there long before they hear screaming, then gunshots and an alarm starts blaring. Zara pulls a pistol from somewhere, and Jacob goes to open the door, only to have one of Madison’s guards go flying through it.

Looking out into the hallway, he sees Shelly. She’s been shot, and looks to be in full demon mode. She stalks up the hallway, not even noticing him. Jacob and Zara follow her. Turning down a hallway, they see her trying to break her way through the door at the end of the hallway. Madison is laying on the hall floor, broken and bloody. Zara checks her and she’s still alive, but hurt.

Jacob moves closer to Shelly, and gets her attention. He tries to find out what’s going on, only to be hit with a heavy stone table that Shelly uses as a improvised club and knocked unconscious.

Mark and Ashley get home, only to see the front door is ajar. Mark pulls a pistol and readies his magic, and tells Ash to stay close behind him. At the door he notices a bloody hand-print on the jamb, about Cross high he thinks. They follow the trail of blood into the living room, and find a mangled and dying Shelly.

Mark knows she needs to feed in order to heal, and calls Jacob hoping he’s close by, knowing that since he has powers she’ll be able to feed on him without hurting him. He gets no answer, and curses that Jacob is dead to him. Ashley is in tears, asking what happened. Mark, seeing no other option left in the time he has, explains everything to Ashley. While she knew some of the specifics about her Aunt Shelly she didn’t know all of it, and Mark explains that if they let her feed on them both, she should heal and survive. Ashley volunteers, and Mark lets Shelly feed on her first so he can be sure he can stop her before she does any harm. After feeding on Ashley, Mark lets Shelly feed on him, taking the rest of what she needed to heal and to take enough edge off her hunger to allow her to regain control of herself. In the process, Mark passes out same as Ashley did.

When he comes to, Jen is taking care of both of them. She tells Mark that she got home before Shelly left, that Shelly explained a little of what happened. She was summoned by someone, someone who knew her succubus’s name and could control it. She remembered chasing Veronica and Cross, and being hurt badly, then being here and feeding on the two of them. Mark sends a dazed and out-of-it Ashley up to go shower before the other kids show up.

Jacob wakes up in an ambulance. Zara is riding in the back with him. At the hospital, he checks out mostly OK, though his arm is in a sling, his shoulder sprained and bruised badly. Madison is stable, but hurt pretty well. Zara is going back to the mansion to try and get the files. She confirms that the guards say it appeared like Shelly was after Veronica and Cross. He calls Mark back, noticing the missed call, and they exchange stories. As soon as Mark hears that it happened at Madison’s and that she was hurt, he hangs up. Jacob grabs an Yougo to get a ride over to his place.

The kids show up, and Mark goes takes a shower of his own, trying to clear his own head. Jen goes to tell Ivy what happened to Shelly. She cleaned up enough of the blood and all to hide things, but the kids know something happened, especially once a still dazed Ashley comes down.

Jacob gets over to Mark’s, and they compare notes in more detail. During this, Murphy calls Jen. Shelly is with him, and he has her contained in a circle or something so she can’t do anything.

Mark and Jacob get ready to go to Murphy’s in order to question Shelly. An unsteady Ashley asks if she should go to, but Mark tells her to stay home. They drive out to Murphy’s, finding Sheila taking Shelly’s place at work. Murphy walks them downstairs to the basement, where Shelly is in a locked room covered in sigils and devil’s traps.

She’s unhappy they are there, and doesn’t provide them which much new information. Everything was like a dream to her, the was completely out of control of her body, a semi-conscious passenger while the succubus took over. She argues with Mark, angry that she hurt and killed people, and that she fed on him and Ashley. She makes remarks as to the fact she wished that Mark would have let her die instead of feeding her, or that they should talk about her being put down. He argues that he has a lead on Nicholas Gaines. Even this points that he might be around, for so far in all their investigation they haven’t been able to find anyone who had her demon’s name, and all signs point that Gaines would, which is why Mark has been looking for him for all this time. Mark considers opening himself up to the demon, trying to pull the memories from it, but is afraid it could gain access to his memories of how the wards are placed on Shelly, and find some way of undoing them.

Mark and Jacob leave and head back to Mark’s. Zara texts Jacob to let him know she’s OK, she has some more files, and is leaving the mansion. On the way back, Jacob starts questioning Mark more about the new world he’s finding himself in, about Shelly, Mark’s past, etc. In his words, he finds a lot of this ‘cool.’

At Mark’s house, the kids are outside handing out candy. They head inside, talk with Jen, and discuss their options. In talking, they wonder why someone would use Shelly like this, and how she managed to get back to his house. She had very little memory of it, but it had to be on purpose, she couldn’t teleport, and all signs point to that being how she got here. Mark gets the idea to try and modify a tracking spell not to find Shelly, but perhaps to backtrack her arrival here from where she came. He gathers some materials, and they head outside to where Shelly likely appeared, based on her blood trail. Mark calls Ashley over to pay attention, but because they are both still drained from Shelly, he ends up walking Jacob through the process.

Mark’s belief is that Jacob is an untrained wizard, not just a telekinetic. His powers have stagnated due to his early belief as a kid that he could move things with his mind, and that he never branched out from that. Mark walks him through drawing the circle and casting the spell, and it’s almost successful. A counter-curse races back up the spell, destroying the material components, but doing no one else any damage as the spell was so fragile to begin with. They have a rough idea where she might have been teleported from, but it’s a rather large area, and not a sure thing.

Everyone heads inside, and the kids head to sleep while Mark, Jen and Jacob have a few stiff drinks. They invite Jacob to stay the night. The kids come in to tell them goodnight, and eventually everyone heads off to bed.



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