Repo Mage


Ballroom Blitz


The night of the dance.

Mark went out earlier and placed the wards, as planned. Most everyone meets up at his place. Cross shows up, unsuccessful in her attempt to find and kill Charlie Gardner. The kids and her all go to change into their costumes. Jacob shows up, dressed as Ben Franklin, Teresa makes fun of him. Zara is with him, dressed in a period costume. Mark gives her Veronica’s new – warded – Batgirl costume to go with Cross’s Wonder Woman. She leaves to get to the mansion in time to ride with Veronica to the dance, and help her change along the way. Jacob and Dylan grab the weapons and equipment, and Jacob again gets his orders that he is to keep the kids safe at all times. They leave with Eddie and Harry to arrive early and prep the gym.

Once there they start setting up, and Harry and Eddie walk perimeter to check everything out. He finds a hallway that raises suspicion. The door is unlocked instead of locked, it has been unblocked of items, and the overhead light both inside and out are burned out. He steps through, checking everything carefully, and finds two garbage cans outside the door, where all the other doors only have one.

Checking one of the cans, he finds it empty save for a symbol made of trash and filth at the bottom. He calls Mark, who suggests salting and burning it. Mark, realizing that it didn’t set off his wards, knows it must have been placed before this morning when he went out to set them. Harry follows Mark’s instructions, and the ward – and garbage can – explode, peppering Harry with shrapnel. There is more discussion about just cancelling the event, but Cross decides no, it’s better to continue. No one overrides her goblin instincts, and kids start showing up.

Mark and his kids show up, and Veronica and Bianca are not long behind them. The kids start enjoying their dance, while the adults wait for their coming enemies.

A while into the party, Mark’s wards trip. On the lookout now, the group sees Doom and Moreau walk in the front door, loitering there. Mark can feel Rasmussin and his Hounds around the rear of the building. They prepare to evacuate the kids, when they notice that they no longer have eyes on Cross and Veronica, or Bianca and Fetch. They reach Cross on comms, and her and Roni show back up so that she can get her bag.

Moreau approaches Harry during this time, and tells him that they’re not here for the group, or for Veronica, before walking back to loiter at the front door with a grumpy looking Doom. Harry realizes that they’re here for the same reason, to fight off the Cultists from getting Veronica. Things settle for a while, and Cross and Veronica disappear again.

Things don’t stay quiet forever. Harry moves to Moreau, and begins to engage him in conversation when it happens. A sudden storm moves in, and with it Mark’s wards go crazy. The Cult is here.

They try to get the call out, but comms are down, as are phones. Lights go out, and the evacuation plan begins. Eddie, Ivy, Jen and Shelly work to get all the students out safely and to the school proper. Jacob and Zara grab Antony, Ashley, JR and Teresa and try to get them outside to one of the several escape routes that Harry set up before hand. JR pulls out a pocket pistol, and Ashley starts spellweaving magic to assist their escape. Mark feels Rasmussin also helping them escape, using his Hounds to run interference.

Dylan, who spent all of his reward money from Madison on a spectral camera lens, readies his weapons and starts taking pictures. The fight outside eventually spills in, and the group sees that another side is here: Agents Stonewall and Gunn.

The Cult sends waves of outsiders, summons, corpse engines and more against them. The DJ turns out to be a Cult plant, pulling out an SMG and opening up on the group. A Cult wizard heads the attack.

The students are evacuated succesfully. Jacob and Zara get the kids out to a rear entrance, but outside a hurricane is blowing and nasty summons are lurking. Jacob all but strokes out by telekinetically pulling Jen’s SUV over to the door, giving them an escape route and taking out a few monsters at the same time. Zara gets him and the kids in safely, and JR drives them out.

A sudden mystic wave rushes through the area, and Mark feels the ritual pop. The storm outside starts to die down, and they realize comms are now up. The fight is going well, with the DJ and the wizard taken care of along with most of the Cult minions. Agent Gunn has been ravaged, skin hanging from metal and bone. He pulls the leather glove off his left hand, and a beam of energy shoots from his palm, destroying some of the summoned outsiders.

The fight ends, and Doom and Moreau slink off into the night, Rasmussin having already left. Agent Stonewall lets them go, a temporary truce called. Before they go, Harry gives Moreau back his MP7 smg that Harry had stolen the night of Veronica’s rescue.

The group meets back up at Mark’s office. Shelly left to go to Legal Tender to check on Cross and Veronica, who they cannot get in touch with. She calls to let them know that they are not there. Jen takes the kids back to their house for a sleepover, her SUV beat up and having seen better days. While they’re going over ideas and plans, there is a knock on the door. Cross and Veronica are there, in her mud armor. Mark gets them towels to wrap up in, and gets them inside, where they notice Veronica is a little out of it.

They decide to head to the mansion, so they can get Veronica home, and Cross wants to have a come-to-Jesus talk with Madison. They do exactly that, and somehow the talk between Cross and Madison – where Cross calls out how lucky it was she was there, since she was the one that got Roni out and kept her safe. Surprisingly enough, Madison agrees.

Everyone excepet Jacob and Zara leave, with Mark bringing Cross to go pick up her bag. Along the way she mentions that while she and Roni were making out, something happened. Mark puts that together with the wave that broke the storm and the ritual. Cross says that it almost seemed like some of Roni’s memories had come back, that she said “I remember falling.” Not wanting to be alone, Cross asks if she can stay at Mark’s tonight, and he agrees. He stops along the way to buy her some appropriate things to wear around the kids, and once home points her to the shower.

The kids have all brought down sleeping bags in the living room, and he checks on them before heading up to check on his wife. He decides he’s sleeping downstairs with the kids, to make sure everyone behaves. Shelly shows up to check on everyone, causing him to later realize that Teresa is much more observant than he’d thought, forcing them to have a talk later.

Mark also has a talk with JR, wanting to know about the guy his daughter was dancing with. JR mentions that Donny Barnes seems an alright guy, a little nerdy but doesn’t seem to be trouble. He also says it was his dad that gave him the pistol in case it was needed. Also that while he does have feelings for Ashley, they had discussed it and realized it would probably be better to ignore them since they had grown up almost like brother and sister. Mark all but gives him his blessing in the matter, knowing that he’d be better than most of the kids at school for her.

Cross has a drink with Mark, then they go out into the living room with the kids. Mark teases the kids a lot about the dance, who was dancing with whom, etc. At one point May Weathers – a bully and the daughter of Denise Weathers, a witch Mark knows – is brought up. She’s been bullying Ashley some, and had some nasty remarks to say about Cross and Veronica being together.

Eventually, everyone falls asleep.

At Madison’s, Zara and Jacob retire to her apartment/office, where he eventually passes out from the strain of the night and how he used his powers.



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