Repo Mage


Prepping for the Dance


The day before the Halloween dance.

The ritual is to a point where the city itself can feel it. Disappearances have been on the rise, and it’s obvious to everyone now that the ritual is planned to coincide with either the dance itself or Halloween night. The ritual now feels similar to the same one the Cult used the night of Veronica’s kidnapping, so they are suspect number one.

Both Harry and Mark have avoided calls from Madison on hearing in the voicemail that she knows that Cross and her daughter are going out, and plan on going to the dance together.

Dylan noticed the night before at the debate he was working for Madison that the Black Coat bodyguards that had been shadowing her and Veronica were no where to be seen. With less security at the mansion, they decide to not have Cross call off the date, as at least they know it’s coming and can prepare for it at the dance.

With the knowledge now that it’s the Cult against them, Cross leaves to try and track down Charlie Gardner and kill him, hoping it will interfere with their plans. Before that, they come up with some defensive plans and tactics.

Dylan will be bringing in some small arms hidden in with his equipment cases. He’ll also have Cross’s bag, with her pot of mud armor inside. Mark will swing by in the morning in order to put up some defensive and warning wards in place around the gym the dance will be held in.

Mark charges Jacob with the protection of his children and their friends. If anything happens, Jacob is to get them out and safe – or else. Cross is taking the same position with Veronica. If anything happens, she’ll get Veronica out and get her to Legal Tender, one of the safest places they can think of for the short term.

Mark and Jen Dreven are both attending as chaperones. Zara was pressed into service as chaperone for Veronica by Madison. Also going with them is Veronica’s older sister Bianca, and their bodyguard Fetch Wilson. Harry and Edmund “Skanks” Nelson Sr. are both going as off-duty police security, and Mark brings his best friend up-to-date on what they’re expecting. They get his wife Ivy to come along in case they need medical support, and also bring in Ivy’s sister and their friend, Shelly. As a succubus she has the strength and power to be an ace in the hole, and since she was possessed when she was young she fits in with the rest of the crowd easily.

Mark knows that Veronica wasn’t allowed a costume, only a Halloween themed dress, and comes up with an idea. He calls Ashley and has her and Teresa get Veronica’s sizes so that they can get her a costume with a mask, one that he can ward to help protect her. Shelly goes picks up the costume since she has to get one for herself as well.



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