Repo Mage




Xander gets a call early in the morning from Tony Lao, calling in his favor for helping get Pale’s family smuggled in. A limo is coming to the Elysium. Inside is a packet of information describing what needs to be done for the job. Xander agrees to take care of it, and gets ready. He also calls Pale, so he has some backup for the job.

When the limo arrives, the driver gets out and into another car without even looking at Xander, before driving off. Xander checks the limo out, then reads the packet. He is to pickup three passengers at Richard Wilkins International Airport, and transport them safely to Tony Lao’s estate in Chinatown. He gives Pale the keys to his car so she can follow, and they drive off.

Across town, Mark heads over to Seth’s aparment. He doesn’t like Seth – mainly due to the flirting Seth does with Shelly – but last night he had an idea and has to act on it. Seth opens the door completely nude, and invites Mark into the small studio. His female guest is still sleeping, and he makes no move to cover up. Mark wants to hire Seth to help him find Nicholas Gaines. He knows that Seth always gets who he is after in the end, and Mark is desperate to find him.

Nicholas Gaines is the asshat punk that led the gang that sacrificed Shelly in a ritual to gain power. When the ritual didn’t work as planned, Shelly was possessed by the succubus that still has hold over her now. Until they can find Nicholas and use him to undo the ritual tieing them together, she is cursed to be possessed against her will. It’s been 17 years, and Mark is still after him.

Seth agrees to do the job, and Mark leaves. Seth gets dressed and sees his company from last night out, before heading to the Goblin Market. On the way there, he calls Cross to see what would be a good gift for Faith. She tells him it’s sunflowers and whiskey. He stops to pick up both on the way. He meets with her, and asks if she can get her sneaks to look into the people on his list: Seth Goldman and Nicholas Gaines. He doesn’t explain why he’s looking for them, but she agrees to look into it.

Mark goes to Legal Tender, and meets with Price. He asks how much to keep something off the books, something that will be one of the biggest things that Price has ever heard. Price makes a deal with him: tell him what the information is, and he’ll keep it to himself. Mark tells him that there is a Fallen Star in town, and after some encouragement by Price, tells him it’s Veronica. Price agrees to keep the information to himself.

Xander arrives at the airport, and finds the three young Japanese girls that are his mysterious passengers. On the way here he saw several suspicious signs of ambushes on the route he took in, so he changes and takes a different route out. Almost immediately a group of bikers with SMGs attack. Xander narrowly avoids getting hit by an 18 wheeler tractor, and Pale takes on the gang of bikers. She takes out a few, but they eventually shoot her off the road, and she is knocked out in the wreck. It’s enough to give Xander the breathing space to outrun them however, and he gets the girls to Tony Lao’s.

Across town, both Seth and Mark sense the psychic static of a large ritual being prepared, settling over the city.

That night Jacob and Zara have their date night. They finally lay everything out on the table between each other. Zara explains that she’s an undercover government agent investigating Madison Kane. She works for the same organization as Stonewall and his team, but refuses to give much more information on the agency than that. She explains that she’s investigating Madison, but Stonewall’s team is called in for other reasons, they only handle the stuff that could wipe out a city or the world. They handle things the way they see fit, and are very dangerous.

Jacob tells Zara that the group is together to protect Veronica, and that she is a Fallen Star. Zara panics a bit at this, the last time her agency dealt with a Star situation, a town disappeared. She promises to keep it to herself, and professes her love and loyalty to Jacob.



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