Repo Mage


Things Get "Interesting"


The next morning Mark heads Uptown in order to spell Jacob from surveillance. He uses his Emergency Shelly Credit Card – a card he’s had for years to only be used to help Shelly’s case – to rent a rather expensive room in a hotel across the street.

Jacob heads upstairs with him, planning on getting some sleep up there. Mark watches the building, and wishes that Cross would have answered his calls for help. They stakeout the place for a while, when Mark’s phone rings. It’s Nighthawks.

When he answers, Murphy is on the other line. “Get here.” He hangs up. Mark sighs, tells Jacob he needs to stay awake, and heads over to Nighthawks.

When he gets there, Murphy points over to a back corner booth, where Cross is sitting by herself. Mark goes and sits with her, and finds out that Veronica has left to go back where she came from. Cross is angry at being selfless enough to let her go, and is hurting from it.

Mark tells her that they found Gaines. Cross immediately perks up, and they leave to head back to the hotel. When they get there, Jacob leaves to go home, and Cross and Mark continue their surveillance.

Jacob heads home – exhausted – to find Zara waiting for him. She’s made all her preparations, and only needs to make a phone call in order to set everything in motion. As they’re getting ready for bed, Zara realizes that her bag that she left here is open. She asks Jacob if he’s been into it, and she goes through it, finding that her Kane Corp security card is missing.

Jacob has a sudden sinking feeling, realizing he knows where it went. Zara also notices that the memory card is missing from her tablet, on it where all the files that she had given Mark. She asks Jacob what’s going on.

Jacob is evasive, saying that he knows where everything went, and he’ll take care of it, and she doesn’t need to worry about any of it. Zara – disappointed and hurt – picks up her go bag and tells him to call her when it’s taken care of or when he’s ready to talk, but he doesn’t let her leave, pulling her bag from her hands with his telekinesis.

They’re interrupted by noises outside, and Jacob looks out the window to see a wrecker getting ready to tow his car. He rushes out to intercept the guy, who hands him a clipboard showing that he’s repoing a car Jacob hasn’t been paying on. Jacob realizes someone switched his plates, and watches in anguish as the guy drives off.

Zara has come outside, and once again repeats for him to call when he’s done or ready to talk. She gets in her car and leaves, heading to one of her safe houses.

Jacob calls a YouGo and heads back to the hotel, where he goes to crash on the bed, dejected and angry and exhausted. Mark and Cross get him to tell them enough that something’s going on, and Cross says she’ll stay and watch the place so Mark can take Jacob home – after all, it’s not like she has anyplace to go or anyone waiting for her.

They leave, and Jacob starts getting more angry than anything. He directs Mark to Alphonse’s place, determined to get everything taken care of. They get there and after waiting a while in the private museum, are let into Alf’s office.

Alphonse offers them both some rather expensive whiskey, but Jacob immediately tears into Alf, asking what’s going on and why is Ginny here in town. Alphonse offers that Genevieve came to him with the score, and it’s too ridiculously lucrative to pass up, especially since Ginny didn’t want a cut, only wanted assistance as there was another item there she wanted.

After some arguing and back and forth, Alphonse offers Mark something in order to make sure he doesn’t interfere, and to see if he’ll help make sure Jacob doesn’t interfere. It’s the original spellbook with the curse used on Shelly. Mark perks up, and is after Alphonse gives Jacob the name of the place where Ginny is staying, rushes them out.

They head over to that hotel, where the front desk is already waiting for Jacob to show. They give him Ginny’s room number, and they head up.

There is a lot more arguing and threats and insults, but they eventually get the job details from her. The buyer wants a mystic archive that Madison has in her possession, in the form of a golem girl. Ginny wants a Silver Tongue Charm that Madison also has in there, something that will entrance anyone the user talks to, making them do whatever they are told.

Jacob and Mark agree to do the job if she hands over the card and doesn’t use it. She gives them a timeline to get it done, before she’ll use a copy of it in order to get what she wants.
They leave, arguing the entire way. Mark wants someone else to do the job, thinking it’s to personal for Jacob. He’s afraid to let Jacob out of his sight now, knowing that in his angry and exhausted state he might do something he’ll regret. They get to Mark’s house, and Jacob goes to walk off.

Mark hexes Jacob, putting him to sleep, and brings him in to the spare bedroom.



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