Repo Mage


Quiet Day After the Storm


Mark grabs Shelly, Ashley and Teresa and leaves Nighthawks. Knowing the kids won’t be going to school tomorrow, he texts Jen to see if JR was planning on staying the night with Antony, and finds out he’s already over at the house.

He decides to try to set in motion a plan to free him and Ashley from the bonds between them and the succubus no longer in control – at the moment – of Shelly.

Before the sun comes up, his plan succeeds and they are no longer in danger of being controlled by the succubus.

Mark and Shelly hang out some, leaving to go get some ice cream. Now that they’re in a public place, he explains the bonds with the succubus and the dangers to him and Ash, and his plan to break them last night, and that it was successful.

They head home for a bit, before leaving to go get Shelly’s car from Nighthawks and talking with Murphy, letting him know the room is no longer needed for Mark and Ashley, and Shelly says she’ll come back to work, but Murphy tells her to take some time if she needs it. Mark talks to Murphy about his room, and how and who built it. Murphy relents and says he’ll pass some information on it to Mark later.

Shelly picks up her car, and the two head back home.

While deciding on takeout, Mark and Jen talk about Shelly moving in. Jen agrees she wants it to happen, but also that she wants to marry her as well. They decide to have her move in first, and they’ll figure out the next part, but they agree on marriage. They sit everyone down, and tell the kids they want Shelly to come live with them. The kids are happy with it, and Shelly is now home.



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